EB Equine was started in the spring of 2016 by owner Ellie Briere.
Ellie has grown up with horses on the family farm and spent a good part of her childhood discovering and learning with her equine partners.  In August 2003 she began to work at St.Georges Equestrian where she became a trainer and coach.  She was given the amazing opportunity to work with some of the best coaches and trainers in the area.  Over the years, countless amount of hours were spent learning with coaches such as Suzanne Lacroix, John Kersley, Robert Gharibzedah, Dr.Christian Schatt, Angela Covert, Lauren Hunken, Christian Garweg, Albrecht Heidemann as well as many other great coaches.  All these hours spent dedicated to learning has led to a better understanding of the horse and the training process.  She has also shown at the Gold Level in many different disciplines including Dressage, Jumpers, Hunters, Hunter Derbies, and Cross Country.
It is her belief that any horse that has sound mind and body is capable of doing extraordinary things if they are given the opportunity to properly learn the basics.